Milliman Inc.

Milliman is one of world’s largest companies that provide actuarial products and services. They serve a wide range of markets including business, financial, government, union, education, and nonprofit organizations. In addition to their consulting actuaries, Milliman’s body of professionals consists of numerous clinicians, economists, and other specialists.

Our Work for Milliman

Online Underwriting Workflow Management

Project “Hero”: Milliman and EM Working Together to Create Groundbreaking Software


Milliman needed another original software tool to separate themselves even further from their competition. Understanding the intricacies of the health care system and health care reform is complex. That is why we built HERO. HERO helps smaller companies pool their data into a group, which enables them to receive the same benefits as larger organizations.


We assisted Milliman in taking the concept of HERO from its seed to fruition. Working together, we created a project road map and assembled a team of software engineers.  Then, we managed the project to completion. After several months of development and testing, Milliman was able to transform their idea into a powerful solution for the healthcare business.


HERO stands for Health assessment using Entry and Renewal underwriting with Online data collection and display platform. In short, HERO pools large volumes of data that underwriters (carriers) use to assess risk for PEOs, MEWAs, trusts and associations. In turn, the software provides smaller companies increased coverage at a more competitive price.

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Health Plan Assist

Project: “Health Plan Assist” – Another way Milliman and EM are revolutionizing this reform


With the rapid changes in government programs, the task of selecting the best health plan can be daunting. With the combination of EM’s technology plus Milliman’s industry knowledge, we created software that now makes this process much easier. HP Assist now provide employees a clear and comprehensive comparison of available health benefit plans.


EM transformed the original HP Assist program from a confusing excel spreadsheet into an easy-to-use online actuary program. It was a formidable task to first understand the architecture and logic of the software. After gaining understanding of its inner-workings, we successfully communicated the project scope and deliverables to the vendors and software engineers. Through diligence and perseverance came one of the industry’s most useful and easy-to-use insurance comparison tools.


The end result was a powerful software tool for employees to compare benefits packages. We are proud to say this program performs thousands of calculations with the change of even one input variable. Now, finding the best health care package is much easier for employees.

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